ZEP High Performance Zinc Additive

Modern motor oils meeting API SL and specifically category SM do not contain enough zinc additive to assure proper anti-wear protection of high performance engines. The addition of ZEP to any modern motor oil will put back the proper amount of Zinc Dialkyl-Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) purposely taken out to be catalytic converter friendly. ZEP coats all engine parts and won’t rub, scrape or scrub off so that it protects engines that are occasionally used from “dry starts”, a leading cause of premature engine wear of vehicles kept in storage. One 12oz. bottle treats 6 quarts or liters of motor oil. More here


SEP SR-1 Oil Treatment

R-1 additive is engineered with gen II MPZ to provide anti-wear and friction fighting chemistry necessary to protect the engines in street performance cars and trucks equipment with catalytic converters. SR-1 additive is save for catalectic converts.

SR additive is scuff proof, and provides protection from dry starts, a leading cause of engine damage. More here

Features & Benefits

-CAT Safe™
-adds anti-ware protection into API SL and SM oils
-protect during dry starts
-extends engine life
-reduces costly repairs


MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer Additive

MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer is the same race proven, friction reducing technology in every Torco "Professional Series" motor oil. MPZ MFR is a key component to reducing frictional losses and when added to other brands of motor oil can increase horsepower and torque by as much as 1%-3%. This directly translates to improved fuel efficiency (as much as 6.3% during city driving and 8.5% during highway driving conditions), improved component durability, reduced operating temperatures, reduce oil degradation and peace of mind. Compatible with all synthetics, synthetic blends and petroleum based motor oils. More Here

Features & Benefits

- Improves fuel efficiency
- Increases horsepower & torque
- Increases wear protection for longer engine life
- Reduces operating temperatures

Jay Leno on Torco oil additives



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